Amy Whiten

Amnesty International

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Awareness raising mural for Amnesty International | 2010 | Edinburgh Festival

Amnesty International invited Elph, Rekor, Derm, Conzo, Lyken and I to paint murals about live AI cases that were then exhibited in Edinburgh during the International Festival to raise awareness about the plight of the people that AI try to help. I found the stories about The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo very moving and wanted to create a piece that summed up their quiet rage. They are an Argentian movement, a group of mothers who have met every week to peacefully protest about their children being abducted during the ‘Dirty War’ that spanned 1976 to 1983. They wear white head scarfs with the names of their children embroidered on to them. It was a huge honour to work on the project, I felt proud to be a part of it and think of these brave women often.