Amy Whiten

Lovers at St Peter's Seminary

Whiten_mural art lovers stpeters.JPG
Whiten_mural art wip stpeters.JPG
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Whiten_mural stpeters seminary foxes.JPG
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Self-motivated Murals | 2011 | St Peter’s Seminary

We used to visit the seminary in Cardross a lot and I painted several large pieces there. The boar hunting women piece featured in the recent publication that documented the art there.

 I repeated these designs a lot in the early 2000’s; a portrait of Louise Bourgeois, one of my artist heroes, wearing a paper crown that has my slogan, “Never Stop, Never Give Up” on it and a portrait of a pair of unconventional lovers staring into each other’s eyes. They are both symbols of my belief in living life to the full right to the end. 

 After working on the Amnesty International mural project I felt inspired to create a series of murals, paintings and prints that placed older women in heroic roles. Here you can see them ‘surviving’ using home-made weapons and hunting with their tamed urban foxes. 

Whiten_mural stpeters seminary foxes 3.JPG