Amy Whiten

LWD Lighthouse

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Mural for Ladies, Wine and Design Glasgow |
2018 | The Lighthouse

I was invited to collaborate with the talented Katie Guthrie and Rachel Millar to paint a mural on the 6thfloor of The Lighthouse as part of LWD’s Women in Design exhibition. It was such an honour and a total delight to be asked and to work with all these vibrant women.

The mural was themed on representation and balance. I had recently met with 3 incredible women as part of a wider project and interviewed them about their passions and what drives them. Representation of women, and especially clever, resourceful women in my work is key to my practice. As we discussed work, adventures, family and friends, these women all touched on how hard but important it is to find balance in your life. Hilary talked about her children and grandchildren, Pat her weekly wild swim and gardening, and Denise about style, fabric and art.

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