Amy Whiten

St Joseph's in Faifley

Whiten_school mural circus Faifley 6.jpg
Whiten_ school mural lion faifley.jpg
Whiten_school mural circus 4.jpg
Whiten_school mural circus Faifley 5.jpg
Whiten_ school mural polka dot faifley.jpg

Fresh Creations Mural | 2015 | St Joseph’s Primary School in Faifley

I painted this mural with tiny wee tots, they cut stencils for me and I used them as patterns on the clothes of the characters. They gave me ideas of what to paint too and wanted lots of dancers, singers and performers so I created this wild circus of fun and colour! This mural is part of the YSort It Fresh Creations project and was funded through the Arts Hub programme from Creative Scotland.


Whiten_school mural viking Faifley.jpg